Top 4 Car Cleaning Tips for Busy Moms

For most busy moms, their car is their office. Busy moms spend too much time in their car, from carpooling their children around, to appointment hopping and grocery shopping. People would certainly be amazed at all the kinds of things that a mother can do within the doors of her car, from potty training to changing diapers to breastfeeding and even time outs. Your car also endures the busyness within your round the clock workday – it is bound to overload with trash, clutter as well as unpleasant stuff. Take a few minutes break from your busy day, grab a cup coffee and relax as you read these tips on how to keep your car clean despite having a really busy schedule.

car tips for moms

  1. Keep Your Carpets Clean

When you look down, you will certainly see lots of balled up tissues, scattered chips, and sandbox sand on the floor of your vehicle. This is the perfect time to clean up the mess and restore the cleanliness and vibrancy of your car carpets. You can also remove all the mats on the floor of your vehicle so you can thoroughly vacuum over them as well as the carpet. You should regularly vacuum the trunk and seats area too. One good rule is that, anywhere in your car your vacuum can fit, clean it up.

  1. Wipe Surfaces

Fortunately, moms always have baby wipes in their diaper bags and it can be certainly used more than just for bare bottoms. Instead of purchasing car wipes that are expensive in nature and often loaded with strong chemicals that can probably harm the interior of your car, you can go for baby wipes as it can completely clean your vehicle’s surface too. Wipe down all the hard surfaces in your car to remove dirt and dust. In addition to that, it pays that you also keep a pack inside the car for on the spot clean ups such as spilled drinks of the kids.

  1. Maintain Regularly

A car does not do magic and it can’t certainly stay clean without your help. All that mess will begin to pile up once again, so you have to maintain the cleanliness of your car regularly. This means that every once to twice a month, you should invest a few minutes or hours to clean up your entire vehicle, remove trash, declutter, take unused items back inside your house where they really belong, and run a quick wipe through its surfaces. Just like you are supposed to maintain the cleanliness of your house in a regular manner, you must make sure that you regularly clean your vehicle too.

Aside from maintaining its cleanliness, it also pays that you have your vehicle professionally checked regularly in order to maintain its good running condition. In addition, if your car malfunctions or need a repair as soon as possible, it’s best that you only trust professional towing services when bringing your car to the shop in order to avoid creating any damage to it.

  1. Clean the Cup Holders

While simple things such as cup holders can be easily taken for granted, it pays that you also give them the care they need to make sure that your car is clean overall. Just think of all the sippy cups and Starbucks these have held for many years. Care for your cup holders since they really deserve it. You can start cleaning them by using a Q-tip dipped in a cleaning solution or water and scrub to eliminate all the sticky grime.



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